Premium Quality Crabs from Sarawak

Our crabs are grown in Sarawak, in the natural, tropical waters of the Borneo coast, close to the centre of biodiversity for this genus (Scylla). Their production is carefully controlled, from hatchery to farm, through our quality control system. Each crab is individually assessed, accurately graded and professionally packed to our exacting standards, producing Premium Quality Crabs. Our crabs are full-of-meat as a result of our in-house quality and food-safety system.

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Neocrab ® – Premium Quality Crabs from Sarawak, Malaysia

Our Crab

Neocrab ® crabs graded by size and by their appearance.
Our farming system produces medium sized crabs, which anecdotally have the finest tasting, best textured meat of all crabs; similarly to lambs in sheep production.

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