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Premium Quality Neocrab®

Our crabs are grown in Sarawak, in the natural, tropical waters of the Borneo coast, close to the centre of biodiversity for this genus (Scylla). Their production is carefully controlled, from hatchery to farm, through our quality control system. Each crab is individually assessed, accurately graded and professionally packed to our exacting standards, producing Premium Quality Crabs. Our crabs are full-of-meat as a result of our in-house quality and food-safety system.

The Neocrab® Story

Mud crabs have been overfished throughout their natural distribution. This has resulted in fewer, smaller crabs. Sustainable farming of mud crabs is now possible.

Our founders, experienced from the hotel, seafood, business and aquaculture sectors have come together to produce the first quality controlled, vertically integrated crab farming business in Malaysia.

Our crabs are farmed in Sarawak, which lies just above the equator, providing ideal growing conditions for mud crabs. It is close to major markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China with regular air connections.

The company is partnering with local scientific service providers in Malaysia to continue to innovate, enhance and improve our farming systems.


Queen’s Court, Block E-4-1, Lot 9937, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

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